Kai Marshall, CSCS

Personal Trainer in Fort Worth TX

Kai Marshall Personal Training

My passion as a health and fitness coach is to inspire others to live a healthy active lifestyle. I am dedicated to educating and helping my clients discover the benefits of exercise and the major differences it can make in their daily life.

Why I Train

Being overweight and unathletic for most of my young adult life led me to pursue a career in health and fitness. I have personally dealt with many of the obstacles my clients face every day. I know that struggling with my own health for years has led me to be a better trainer, and I enjoy supporting my clients throughout their own fitness journey.

Common goals I help my clients with

Burn off extra Fat

Build lean Muscle

Improve Balance and Coordination

Reduce Joint Pain and increase Flexibility

Fix Abdominal Posture and eliminate Lower Back Pain

Speed up your Metabolism

Maintain Health and Posture throughout Pregnancy

Prevent or mitigate Bone Loss form Osteoporosis

Reduce Stress and get Better Sleep

where i train my Clients

 Abundio's Fit Society in fort WOrth's River District

4661 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114

3 miles west of Downtown Fort Worth


Contact me

Email: kai@fortworthtrained.com