3 Essential Strength Training Workouts That Burn Fat

Add these three strength exercisesto your weekly routine to burn more fat during your workouts. 






The Squat is the best lower body strength exercise period.

Your legs are the biggest muscles you have, they will require more energy and burn more calories than any other muscle group.  

Adding weight to the squat will help build lower body strength and increase the total amount of calories your legs burn with each rep.

10 Minute Squats:

(Add this routine at the beginning of your next leg day workout to kick things up a notch)

The Workout:

200 Barbell Squats, 10 MInutes, Light to Moderate Weight, only take rest as needed, goal is to complete all 200 reps in under 10 minutes.





The Deadlift is king, this is the gold standard of strength exercises.

Deadlifts will build leg strength, lower back strength, core strength, pulling strength, and grip strength. 

The Deadlift Is a full body exercise and requires the activation of all the major muscles in our body. This means all your major muscles will be burning calories like crazy to complete each Rep.

The 10x10 Deadlift challenge:

(Add this routine at the beginning of any workout to get the metabolism going)

The Workout:

10 sets 10 reps Barbell Deadlifts, Moderate to Heavy Weight, 1 Minute rest between sets.



The Farmers walk activates nearly every muscle group in the body

The core braces and stabilizes the entire body. The arms hold on to the weight, The upper back works to keep the shoulders and chest from sagging, and the legs take on the load from the weight while you move walk forward. 

this is the best exercise to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the body.

Resting Farmer's Walk:

(Add this routine to any weight training workout to burn more calories)

The Workout: 

When you're doing your normal workout routine instead of taking a rest between sets or exercises pick up some dumbells and do some farmer's walks between your sets. This will help build strength in your stabilizing muscles and also help keep your heart rate up between sets so that you burn more calories throughout your entire workout. Make sure to choose a challenging weight and walk with the weights for as long as you can before your grip begins to fail.