What type of training do you specialize in? 

I specialize in strength and conditioning, this is a method of training that is designed to increase performance though the use of specific exercises and training routines by combining different types of exercises such as weight lifting, HITT, cardio, and even flexibility training. Combining different training methods allows me to customize each program to fit your goals from weight loss to building muscle and everything in between. 

what does a normal session usually consist of? 

Each session 60 minute session starts off with a brief discussion to ensure you are staying on track (diet, training alone, etc.) Since we handle most of that for you via email, it doesn’t cut into your session time. Every individual’s training sessions are different based upon their goals, but most programs consist of a light warm-up followed by 45-50 minutes of weight training, and ending with a cool down and stretching period. Each program will also include days where we do HIIT training, circuit training, outdoor workouts, and flexibility training depending on your specific goals.

30 minute sessions are a little different. These sessions are perfect for clients on a tight schedule. During these sessions I focus on full body workouts designed to burn calories and tone muscle. During each 30 minute session i have my clients show up 5 minutes early to warm up, when the time starts we get moving! Each of these workouts will be different and involve some weights, cardio, TRX, and even some outdoor training.  

What is HIIT

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, recovery periods. This type of training burns more fat than traditional cardio, and promotes lean muscle growth .  One 20 minute HIIT session is the equivalent of an hour of jogging.  


What is the cost of training?

60 minute sessions are $70/session, and 30 minute sessions are $50/session. The Studio membership is $70/month. I believe you should be able to try a service before you decide to purchase it so your first 2 sessions are always free.