Complimentary Introduction 

Deciding to work with a personal trainer is a great and potentially life changing decision.  But for you to get the most out of your training you need to find a trainer that is right for you. To find the right fit, I believe you should be able try out any trainer before starting your program. That is why it is my pleasure to offer a complimentary trail service.

Complimentary Training Sessions

So that you may experience how training together will work out I offer anyone interested in training two complimentary training sessions.

During the first session we will discuss your goals, relevant health history, current exercise routine, dietary habits, and you will also get to see our awesome studio. From there we will go though a basic exercise routine to see where your strengths lie and to see which areas need improvement. After that we can go over any further questions and get you prepared your next session. 

During the second session we will focus solely on training and you will be introduced to the type of training, intensity level, and exercise you can expect from further training sessions.

There is a required $100 refundable deposit to schedule intro sessions. Your deposit will be returned in full as long as you show up to the intro sessions.  

For more information, or to sign up for your complimentary personal training sessions, please fill out the submission form here.

Personal Training rates 

Half Hour Sessions

Training 1 x week: $50/session

Training 2 x week: $45/session

Training 3 x week: $40/session

Partner Training Session $60/session


One Hour Sessions

Training 1 x week: $75/session

Training 2 x week: $70/session

Training 3 x week: $65/session

Partner Training Session: $90/session

In home Personal Training

Between $60-$120 per session depending on location. For more details click here.

Small Group Training 3-5 people

Price varies contact me for more information

club membership is $75 a month. 

Membership includes discounts on group exercise classes, access to the gym during open hours, use of the steam rooms, and invites for you and guests to all club related social events.