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Karrie W.

I love working out with Kai! It had been years since I'd been in a gym, but he made me feel very comfortable and confident. I actually look forward to working out, and I am constantly amazed at how much stronger I am getting, thanks to his help. If you're looking for someone to help motivate you and reach your goals, but without the intimidation of a drill sergeant, you need Kai in your life!


Lindsey B.

I love working out with Kai because my workouts are tailored to my abilities and my goals. He makes personal training truly personal. Kai is knowledgeable, motivating and I trust his judgment. Furthermore, he is such a kind person and I've enjoyed getting to know him. I highly recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a great personal trainer!

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John P.

Kai is super knowledgeable and great to work out with. He’s helped me reach my fitness goals and kept me motivated to set and reach new ones. I’d recommend him to persons of all fitness levels. 5 stars.

Ivy M.

Kai is the best trainer you will find in the metroplex. I have been working out with Kai since November, 2015. At first blush he impressed me because he actually listened to me and what I thought my needs and goals were. I was able to drop 80 pounds and lost over 14 dress sizes. The one thing that amazes me is even though I have met my personal goal, I am still seeing impressive results everywhere, my back, legs, arms, even in my feet. WOW. Kai is able to push you, motivate you, and take you beyond your limits while still making the workout fresh, fun, exciting and interesting. He will never have you do the same routine twice – he continually keeps up with his education in Kinesiology and it shows because he has a plethora of workout routines. Kai is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human anatomy, impressively knowledgeable with working around an injury, knows his stuff about nutrition and gives excellent advice about healthy choices, healthy substitutions, and the importance of keeping your body hydrated. Through all my whining, Kai never judged me, never made me feel inadequate, or incapable, or fat – quite the opposite because I had so much to lose, he motivated me, encouraged me, and when I truly could not perform something, he would change/modify the routine to strengthen a particular area and then took me back to the exercise; and, when you realize you can finally perform it with ease, it’s exhilarating and addicting. I had a knee injury which limited my mobility in every area and because of his knowledge, expertise and skill, I am able to do things I never thought I would ever do again, for instance, climbing stairs. I highly recommend Kai to family, friends and everyone I meet. I confidently and without reservation give Kai 5 stars.


Juan C.

Kai Marshall was the first personal trainer I ever hired, and I am beyond satisfied with my results. Kai pushed me harder than I ever pushed myself and he helped increase my strength in just two months. When I first met Kai, he developed a workout plan based on my personal fitness goals and tracked my results each week. Kai modified the workouts accordingly to my progress and ensured I was getting my money's worth. Additionally, he was always on time to each session and also lexible with my schedule. Kai is a legitimate personal trainer who has a vast knowledge of fitness and genuinely cares about achieving results for his clients. I recommend Kai Marshall to anyone who wants to hire a personal trainer because he can help you get the results you want.


Will S.

I got more than expected when training with Kai. I contacted Kai because I just wanted to try something new, I've worked with trainers before and was just looking someone to kick my butt during a workout. But with Kai not only were the workouts challenging but they were well structured. Kai emphasized education and he always explained why we did each exercise and made sure I performed everything with perfect form. Kai is just as much a trainer as he is a teacher his knowledge of exercise, physical therapy, and nutrition is definitely what impressed me the most. I've been working out consistently for the past 10 years but it wasn't until I started training with Kai that I saw significant improvements in my strength and muscle mass. I highly recommended working with Kai for anyone looking to get in shape or learn about fitness.

Zack S.

Kai is the best! I was lucky to find him when I moved into town. He was always prepared with challenging workouts that gave me great results. Unfortunately, I had to move out of town and haven’t been able to find as good of a trainer since. If you live in Fort Worth and are looking for personal training, you can’t do better than Kai.

Josh H.

Kai is one of the best trainers in DFW! Challenging, knowledgeable, and just a great guy! I give him my highest recommendation!

Cole C.

Kai is great, he pushes me to the limit every workout and I have seen great results fast. He’s a really nice guy too. Highly recommend.

Alicia D.

Kai is super awesome! Being new to the gym world, Initially I was super nervous but Kai kept me motivated and made me feel comfortable, and helped me to achieve my goals. Highly recommend!!

Stacie R.

I have been training with Kai for over a year and have been able to see great improvement in my strength! He gives you the urge to want to push more to reach you goals!