30 Minutes to burn fat


This type of training involves 30 minutes high intensity athletic conditioning for my clients who are just looking to burn fat and keep it off for good. These types of workouts are best for clients with limited time and can be adjsuted to each clients fitness level.

athletic conditioning is an after-burn workout that uses a combination of (HIIT) high intensity interval training, active rest training, and free weight training that causes your body to burn more fat and calories than traditional workouts that are twice as long. The workouts are adjusted for your level of fitness and only take 30 minutes for you to get the full benefit. This means you can achieve the results you want by spending less time in the gym.

While traditional low-intensity cardio burns more fat during exercise, Athletic Conditioning  burns more fat overall and produces results long after the workout session is over. It stimulates more muscle, creates a greater oxygen deficit, and releases anabolic hormones that help build more muscle than traditional workouts and time intensive cardio sessions. Your time is important and Athletic Conditioning will make the most of it.