Strength Training for Women

I decided to specialize in strength training for women after listening to and understanding the lifting reservations of my female clients and friends. Many of them came into the gym and felt uncomfortable simply because they were unfamiliar with lifting and struggled to know where to start. I understand that gyms can be overwhelming and trying to figure it out on your own can be frustrating, so I made it my mission to help. To start we will focus on proper form and technique- you will look like a pro in no time. From there we will work towards your strength and physique goals. And yes, you can be just as strong as any guy without the added bulk.

 All of my current female clients lift weights, love the weight room, and have better exercise form than the guys. Most importantly though, they are confident walking into any gym and enjoy strength training and weight lifting.  

Get Toned * Build Lean Muscle * Improve Self Esteem * Boost Your Metabolism

personal training for women